Board of Directors

  • Dunde Yu

    Chairman of the Board

    Mr. Dunde Yu is Tuniu's Founder and has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer since its inception. Prior to founding Tuniu, Mr. Yu was the Chief Technology Officer of in 2006, where he helped become a leading Chinese childcare website. From 2004 to 2006, Mr. Yu served as the Technical Director of Mr. Yu received a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Southeast University in China in 2003.

  • Kan Wang


    Mr. Kan Wang has served as Tuniu’s director since June 2022. Mr. Wang currently serves as an executive deputy general manager of the asset operation department at HNA Group Co., Limited (“HNA Group”). Mr. Wang joined HNA Group in August 2017 and had served as vice president of Yangtze Air Cargo Holding Co., Ltd., chief investment officer of HNA Modern Logistics Group Co., Ltd. and president assistant in non-aviation asset management division of HNA Group. Prior to joining HNA Group, Mr. Wang served as a vice manager at Deloitte, a chief investment officer at Hung To Capital Management Co., Ltd. and an overseas investment and operations director at Qingdao Haier Co., Ltd. Mr. Wang currently serves as the chairman, executive director and chief executive officer of CWT International Limited (HKEX: 0521), chairman of E-Life Financial Services Holding Group Co., Ltd. and director of HY Energy Group Co., Ltd. (SSE: 600387). Mr. Wang is certified as an association chartered accountant and a Hong Kong institute of certified public accountant. Mr. Wang received his master’s degree in politics and economy simultaneous interpretation from University of Bath in 2008.

  • Rui Li


    Mr. Rui Li has served as Tuniu’s director since January 2024. Mr. Li currently serves as chairman of HNA Investment Group Co., Ltd. and investment director of Sinosafe General Insurance Co., Ltd. Mr. Li joined HNA Group in July 1999 and previously served as vice president and company secretary of Hainan Airlines Holding Co., Ltd. (600221.SH), vice chairman and president of Northeast Electric Development Co., Ltd. (HKEX:00042), and general manager of investment management department of HNA Aviation Group Co., Ltd. Mr. Li received a bachelor’s degree in management of information system from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

  • Haifeng Yan

    Independent Director

    Mr. Haifeng Yan has served as Tuniu's director since its inception. Mr. Yan is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Black Fish Financial Group Limited. Mr. Yan co-founded Tuniu in 2006 and previously served as our Chief Operating Officer and President until November 2017. Prior to founding Tuniu, Mr. Yan was one of the founding members and Chief Operating Officer of, a leading childcare website in China, from 2005 to 2006. Prior to that, Mr. Yan served as an analyst of iTech Holdings Limited in 2004.

  • Frank Lin

    Independent Director

    Mr. Frank Lin has served as Tuniu’s independent director since December 2009. Mr. Lin is a general partner of DCM, a technology venture capital firm and a director of Kuaishou Technology, a leading content community and social platform in China listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Prior to joining DCM in 2006, Mr. Lin was the chief operating officer of SINA Corporation, a Nasdaq-listed company. He co-founded SINA’s predecessor, SinaNet, in 1995 and later guided SINA through its listing on Nasdaq. Mr. Lin had also held various marketing, engineering and managerial positions at Octel Communication Inc. and NYNEX. Mr. Lin currently serves on the board of directors of various DCM portfolio companies, including GigaCloud Technology Inc. and Quantasing Group Limited, Which are Nasdaq-listed companies and Vipshop Holdings Limited, a NYSE-listed company and Kuaishou Technology, a Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed company. Mr. Lin received an MBA degree from Stanford University and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Dartmouth College.

  • Jack Xu

    Independent Director

    Mr. Jack Xu has served as Tuniu’s independent director since May 2014. Mr. Xu is the managing partner at Seven Seas Venture Partners. Mr. Xu served as President and Chief Technology Officer of Sina Corporation, a Nasdaq-listed company, from January 2013 to February 2015. Prior to joining Sina Corporation, Mr. Xu worked at Cisco as the Corporate Vice President of the Communications and Collaboration business unit. Previously, Mr. Xu served as Vice President of Engineering and Research at eBay from October 2002 to April 2008 and Chief Technology Officer at NetEase from May 2000 to July 2002. He led Excite’s search engine development in 1996, while pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of California at Berkeley. Mr. Xu received a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in information management from Sun Yat-Sen University in China.

  • Rui Zhang

    Independent Director

    Mr. Rui Zhang has served as Tuniu’s independent director since February 2024. Mr. Zhang joined in 2023 and is currently in charge of the life and travel business unit of Mr. Zhang has over 25 years of experience in the tourism industry. Prior to joining, Mr. Zhang held various key positions at major internet or tourism companies, including head of virtual business at PDD Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: PDD), general manager of overseas business department at Meituan (HKEX: 3690), vice general manager of leisure travel department of Ali Trip at Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NASDAQ: BABA, HKEX: 9988), and vice general manager of outbound travel department at China Tourism Group. Mr. Zhang received his bachelor’s degree in 1997.

  • Haijin Cheng

    Independent Director

    Mr. Haijin Cheng has served as Tuniu’s independent director since March 2021. Mr. Cheng has extensive experience in internal auditing, financial management and strategic M&A with companies in a range of industries and countries. Mr. Cheng is the founder and president of Shanghai Huan Pu Management Consulting Co., which provides management advisory services to domestic and foreign companies. Prior to founding Huan Pu, Mr. Cheng served as the leader of the business development department in General Electric (China) Ltd, director of the business development department in Honeywell (China) Ltd., senior officer of the audit department in Bank of China (Hong Kong) and corporate accountant in C. P. Group of Thailand. Mr. Cheng currently serves as an independent director of Centre Testing International Group Co., Ltd. (300012.SZ), an A-share company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Mr. Cheng is a Certified Public Accountant USA and received an MBA degree from Cornell University.

Board Diversity Matrix (As of Feb 29, 2024)
Country of Principal Executive Offices PRC
Foreign Private Issuer Yes
Disclosure Prohibited Under Home Country Law No
Total Number of Directors 8
  Female Male Non-Binary Do Not Disclose Gender
Part I: Gender Identity
Directors 0 8 0 0
Part II: Demographic Background
Underrepresented Individual in Home Country Jurisdiction 1
Did Not Disclose Demographic Background 3